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Freelance Writing Gigs With Great Pay: 50 Niches to Explore

Scan through there to find freelance jobs, and pitch your UX writing services to those actively looking for someone like you. Search Engine Optimization writing is a niche that prioritizes using keywords and phrases on a website. The goal is to boost a site’s organic ranking and improve visibility on search engines when potential customers search for them.

But if you want to maximize your freelancing earnings, go where the money is —where there are profitable, successful businesses with a marketing budget. The type of freelance writing that pays the most is the writing that has the most substantial impact ona client’sSALES. As a writer, you would write product descriptions for eCommerce brands. This would be on their shop page and it’s possible to write in a variety of products like beauty, shoes, clothing, home decor and more.

This will allow you to not waste time writing about something that won’t perform well while still drawing on the same expertise. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 700 words or 5,000 words; your content won’t be published if it’s of a poor quality. While some might say that quality is a subjective term, it isn’t for us. From this community you can build strong relationships with like-minded writers who can help you discover article ideas or even co-author a piece. When you begin to write for us at Best in AU you’ll be joining hundreds of other guest writers who have formed networks around their topic areas. Our wide range of topics covering arts, sports, recreation, technology, home design and more allow for you to be sure that your content fits into one of our categories.

For example, if you are creating content in the SEO space, you would search for “SEO blog.” The sites on the first page are most likely the best and most authoritative. Other keyword queries provide a holistic look at the lay of the SEO land. A search for “SEO news” produces a similar list – Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Roundtable, etc.


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They also typically pay $750-$1,500 or so — not bad for a couple of pages. If you have existing business clients, ask them how old their case studies are, study the layout, and sell them on some new ones. Online course providers, universities, and student loan lenders are a few potential clients that need your writing skills. Writing about health and wellness, in general, is a solid niche topic, but alternative health products are an especially hot area right now. You help your client get their story, or their ideas, out of their head, and into a book. The books you’d write could range from short e-books to self-published books , to even traditionally published full-length books .

Additionally, these types of projects usually involve hundreds of pages and hours of work, thus resulting in higher pay. Most writers tend to stick to one or two niches when writing. However, you shouldn’t feel trapped by your initial selections. What drove your interest last year may be different this year. Take time daily, weekly, or monthly to track your stream of consciousness. The best time to do this is either first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

Long gone are the days where real estate agents could find success by slapping a for-sale sign outside of a house and passing around business cards. This can lead to writing for high-profile brands, models, designers, and other important figures in the fashion and beauty industry. This type of writing relies on copywriting and knowing different copywriting formulas. Businesses rely heavily on creating effective email funnels to walk potential leads down the buyer’s journey. On the Contena Job Board, they have a Lifestyle section with a variety of B2C (business-to-consumer) gigs like beauty and food.